One day trips for Au Pairs in Madrid: Segovia, Toledo and Avila

Living in Spain, Au Pairs use to have weekends free and in Spain we have bank holidays in many seasons. During these periods of a few days’ holidays au pairs can organize trips to know near towns and cities, it’s the best way to know the country and Spanish people. I give you in this post some personal recommendations, in this case for au pairs living in Madrid area.


One day trip from Madrid to Segovia

Situated 90 km from Madrid, Segovia is one of the most beautiful, monument-filled cities in Spain. The city, with medieval structure and narrow streets, has inherited the mixture of Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures. This historical heritage is reflected in three of the most representative monuments in the city: the Aqueduct, the Cathedral and the Alcázar. Just an hour from Madrid (by car, bus or train), Segovia’s well-known gastronomy makes it one of the most tempting excursions for those that visit Madrid.
The gastronomy in Segovia is one of its strong points. The city is full of bars and restaurants. Besides typical tapas, the Castilian city offers the possibility of eating in restaurants offering menus with prices averaging between 10€ and 15€.
The most traditional dishes in Segovia are cordero lechal (roasted lamb) and cochinillo (pork). These dishes are available in many of the restaurants throughout the city.
More information about Segovia:

How to Travel:

By Bus:
La Sepulvedana bus line has a route direct from Madrid to Segovia between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. The buses run every half hour and trip takes about 75 minutes 7.52€ one-way and 13.50€ roundtrip. The buses depart from the Príncipe Pío Station (Metro Príncipe Pío).

By train:

Trains heading to Segovia depart from the Atocha Station and from the Chamartín Station. A total of nine trains leave daily between 6:00 a.m. and 8 p.m. Each way takes between 30 minutes and 1h30 and costs 7.52€ one-way and 11.90€ roundtrip.


One day trip from Madrid to  Toledo

It is situated 70km away from Madrid. It was declared Wold Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1986. It is known as well as the “city of three cultures” because Christians, Jews and Arabs lived together there for centuries. Toledo can be considered as a real open-air museum due diversity of churches, synagogues, palaces and the old quarter.

In Toledo the typical dishes are, partridge bird (who can be prepared stewed or marinade), “caramusas” casserole cooked with vegetables, tomato and peas which is served in small portions as tapas. Toledo and the region (Castilla La Manchas) is well know by the cheese so it is must taste it. Toledo is famous as well for the marzipan, a sweet dessert with intense almond flavour.

More information about Toledo:

How to travel:

By Bus: you have buses each 30 minutes from Madrid to Toledo and vice versa. The company who provide the service is it takes between 1 and 1h30, depending the timetable and cost 5,45€.

By Train: you have trains each 30 minutes and it cost 10,50€ and the departures are from Atocha Station.


One day trip From Madrid to Avila:

It is situated 111 km from Madrid. Ávila is a medieval city and the old town is surrounded by a magnificent wall 2,5 km with 82 semicircular towers and nine gates.

Ávila is a modern and dynamic city who combines the centuries-old artistic and cultural heritage found inside, was declared in word heritage in 1985.

It’s  cuisine is known by the cooked dishes (beans and chickpeas) lost of meats, the famous veal steak (Chuletón de Ávila), patatas revolconas, which are mashed potatoes, dressed with paprika and bacon bits. Yemas de Santa Teresa, a sweet made with egg yolk and sugar.

More information about Avila:

How to travel

By bus: You have many daily departures in both directions . The duration of the entire trip is about 1 hour and 45 minutes normal service and 1 hour and 20 minutes by express service

By train: it takes around 1:30 and 1h50m. You have trains every 1 hour. It cost 8,50€ – 12,25 depending the train.

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